A Retelling of Life

Becoming a Reader

After a 6 month long hiatus, I am back to reading again. It feels like a homecoming and just like that my brain is whirring with inspiration again. The downside though, is that I cannot just be. The questions are back in my mind again and in my case, thinking sometimes isn’t a good thing.

I read Wicked and I’m halfway through Illustrado. I’m loving Elphaba and I’m glad that she was able to love if only for a short while. I will watch Wicked on Broadway. It’s a new item I’ve added on my bucket list. Which reminds me, I’ll write out a new list for myself today. I’m one of the blessed ones for all the things I listed in my list (still posted on my closet door) , I’ve found/achieved. Since I made that list in 2002, I’ve become a lawyer, traveler and lover. It’s time to dream new dreams. Now I’m hoping that because I’ll be writing my new dreams on paper, the universe will once again conspire to make them come true.

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