A Retelling of Life

Dreams Do Come True

“I want to travel.” This is what I wrote on my “to do” list about 7 years ago. Somehow, I think there is some truth to the visualization trick most motivational books talk about. Thanks to Cebu Pacific, I’ve been to Hongkong, Macau and Bangkok and this September, we’re going to Vietnam. If that isn’t travel then I don’t know what is. =)

I also wrote, “To live and love”. I am now with someone whom I truly love. He inspires me to be better and I believe I do the same for him. It is wonderful to be with someone who understands you the way you want to be understood.
“To become a lawyer.” That too, I managed to do on my first try. Although, I am not yet certain about the kind of lawyer I really want to become. I love my profession.
I have been truly blessed. I am grateful dearest Lord for the opportunities you’ve given me. Thank you for showing me that dreams do come true.
P.s. I guess it’s now time to dream new dreams.

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