A Retelling of Life


I am in the process of writing a memorandum. This is the period of inception..the beginning of something. I imagine the memorandum. I visualize the words I’ll be using, the ideas and arguments I’ll be developing, the laws I will cite to emphasize my point. I am creating a blueprint in my mind. This is what inception is in my world.

I gave up lunch to watch Inception and was blown away by the images of collapsing cities, never-ending stairs, and crumbling walls. It felt like an ode to the joys of imagination. While I think I am a decent writer, I am honest enough to admit that I lack imagination. I am a conformist. I do what is expected of me without anyone telling me too. Thus, I am hampered by a lack of courage to try new things, to come up with new ideas. I will turn 30 in November. Everyday, I feel differently about the live I’ve led so far. Some days, I worry that I was too cautious in living, that I was too much of thinker ( that I should have done all the crazy stuff while I could still blame it on my youth) while some days I feel proud of the way I’d pushed beyond the boundaries that my cautious self had put up. It’s been a great journey so far. With the Lord’s help I’ve managed to check the items off my first “to do list” in a span of 6 years.
I am psyched to enter the third decade of my life. This is the start of even greater things. Bless me Lord that I may live the life you want for me. Amen.

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