A Retelling of Life

At Work on a Saturday Morning

I went to the office purposely to work, the boyfriend isn’t here so I’m thinking I have time to wade through the increasing volume of files on my desk. An hour later, I’m still browsing through pages of useless information and my work remains unfinished.

In other words, my spirit is willing but my mind is not. I’m coming down with a cold. Not the quiet cold but the kind that makes you go into sneezing fits. Oh well, that’s just another excuse to procrastinate. I have merely a week to wade through all this but I’m still taking my dear sweet time. Once again I find myself turning to Him, praying that I’ll finish in time. I guess I’ll never get over wanting drama in my work. How else can I explain this consuming need to wait til the last minute to feel the intense passion to work (and work fast)? I have been blessed so far because the Lord has always been there for me, prodding me on and inspiring me when the “burning the midnight oil” days visit. I have a feeling that those days will be here next week. It’s time for me to get ready to beat the deadline again. =) Thank you Lord for everything. Amen.

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