A Retelling of Life

On the road to Adulthood

I just read an article on Time discussing “emerging adulthood”. I am one of those people in their 20s who feel far from grown up. I lived on my own for almost five years and then just recently, made the move back home. I’m not the only one it seems, people like me are the becoming the trend. These days, people in their 20s reach adulthood later than their parents did.

At 26, my mom was already married. At 27, she had me. On meager resources, they created a life for their family.
Once again, I am forced to revisit my situation. I pray that the Lord will guide me and him. We want to get married next year but he wants us to wait til we find ourselves in the perfect situation. Should I insist that we get married nonetheless or should I wait as he waits. There is no easy answer to my question. Dwelling on it just brings in the blues. And so I turn to You, my Dearest Lord. I need you to guide me and him Lord. Bless us with opportunities Lord. Amen.

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