A Retelling of Life

Naked Teeth

I first started wearing braces during my last year of college. Hmmm….2001, that was a long time ago. A lot has changed in my life since.

I’ve often thought that my appearance improved drastically when my two front teeth finally found its place in my jaw. Thus, I have always looked fondly at the men who professed they loved me while I was an “ugly duckling”, not that I became a swan! šŸ™‚ . In lawschool, whether I smiled for a photo op or argued during a debate, my smile was accompanied by the sparkle of my braces. I reviewed in Makati for the Bar and aside from the intense review, I paid close attention to my braces. I knew it would take a long time before I could visit my dentist again.
I passed the Bar and then began working for a firm in Makati. Visits to my ortho became even rare. It was a long distance relationship that I had with her.

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