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Weddings and Love

Once again, I am back to the topic of weddings. I’m turning the big 30 in exactly 62 days! Everyone seems to remember that. I’m hounded by talk of weddings in everything I see and read. Only my boyfriend seems to be unaffected. I try to be unfazed by it all but sometimes when I’m by myself, I get worried too. Then, I remind myself that I should trust God’s perfect plan.

I have a wonderful family. I loving and supportive boyfriend. I trust the Lord. I know He has great plans for me. I just wish He’d whisper in my ear, the exact date of the day of my wedding. I’d like to start planning now. Hehe. On that note, I pray: “Dearest Lord, I am lifting up everything to you. I entrust my entire life and my future to you. Bless me and my partner Lord. Amen.”

Eat All You Can Veggie Meal

On October 9, 2010, Yuan Thong Temple will be opening its doors to vegans and non-vegans alike with a P150.00 “Eat All You Can Veggie Meal” promotion from 11 a.m. to 2 pm.  The temple is located at Burgos St. (near the Lopue’s East Center), Bacolod City.

Hello world!

This is my nth first blog.  After a hacking scare and the loss of most of my blogs, I will start blogging again.

I am now based in my hometown.  I’m back to being a small town girl.  I’m not complaining though.  There’s been a sense of rightness in my homecoming and I’m embracing the small time life again.  This time though, I will try to break free from the streak of conformity that pervades my life whenever I am home.  For five years while I was away, I was free to be who I was, a free-spirit with rules, a moralist who lived life within the gray areas of right and wrong.  I will still be that person.  I will not be hostaged by the rules of a southern town with all its inconsistencies and double standards.  I will be me.

This blog will be about me and living in the South.

Coming up:  A crash tour of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh.

Wanting To Make a Difference

I want to make a difference. I pray for opportunities to help but somehow, there are none. I lift up to You dearest God, my life and my future. Your will be done Lord. Amen.

Nuances of a Life

I’m getting tired of it. I wanna give up but I can’t I owe it 5 years of my life…5 beautiful years. I’m just getting tired of waiting for my happy ending. Bless me Lord, bless us. Lead us that we may figure out what to do next and how we should be to each other. I lift up everything to you Lord. Amen.