A Retelling of Life

Weddings and Love

Once again, I am back to the topic of weddings. I’m turning the big 30 in exactly 62 days! Everyone seems to remember that. I’m hounded by talk of weddings in everything I see and read. Only my boyfriend seems to be unaffected. I try to be unfazed by it all but sometimes when I’m by myself, I get worried too. Then, I remind myself that I should trust God’s perfect plan.

I have a wonderful family. I loving and supportive boyfriend. I trust the Lord. I know He has great plans for me. I just wish He’d whisper in my ear, the exact date of the day of my wedding. I’d like to start planning now. Hehe. On that note, I pray: “Dearest Lord, I am lifting up everything to you. I entrust my entire life and my future to you. Bless me and my partner Lord. Amen.”

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