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The bulk of my job lies in doing an inventory of everything, the property, the records, the work of the staff, the list just goes on and on. How unglamorous of me. 🙂 But, like anything else in life, I know I am where I should be. I’m embracing this opportunity to learn the art of administration. Thank you Lord for the many blessings in my life. Amen.

Conversations with myself

I feel exceptionally tired today. It must be all the jogging I’ve been doing. Haha. As if. It’s only been 2 days since I’ve started.

At least, I’m putting an end to my sedentary lifestyle. Our dance instructor has been on a break and the lack of exercise is showing on my tummy. Then again, that’s just another excuse. This time, I really will stick the the plan.
The Biggest Loser is on in our family and I’m determined to be the winner. I have to go back to 110 lbs, that a whole 9 pounds to lose! =) I can do this.

A Lazy Day

I’m back but contrary to my plans, my travel blog entry remains unwritten. I love my lazy days and today just happens to be one. I love my sleep, I love my books and my series…all time stealers…keeping me from being productive. Oh well, I think I’m entitled to spend this day just bumming around. Thank you Lord for days like these. Amen.