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Distance between Iloilo and Bacolod City

It’s a sunny Tuesday morning in the City of Smiles.  I am thinking of hubby, who is in Iloilo working at a hospital.  I realize that I don’t even know how far Bacolod is from Iloilo.  I know that it is an hour ferry ride away but what about  in terms of distance?  I google it and find these answers.  According to http://www.trueknowledge.com, the distance is 43.82 kilometres.  Flightpedia.org states that the flying distance from Iloilo to Bacolod is 43 kilometers (equals to 26 miles or 23 nautical miles.) Travelmath.com is a website that gives driving directions.  It doesn’t seem to realize that Iloilo and Bacolod and islands though, I laugh when I see it draw a straight line linking the two cities, it seems you will just have to drive through the seas and Buenavista, Guimaras.  That will have to wait til the day flying cars are invented though.


A Book Review: Yann Martel’s The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios

Ever since I read the “Life of Pi”, I’ve fallen in love with Yann Martel’s prose.  I love the humor he brings to even the direst situations.  I love how I find myself laugh and cry over the same lines.  Thus, when I saw The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios hidden behind tons of other books at Booksale, I knew I just had to buy it.  It was wonderful to revisit the literary brilliance  of a man whose simple language evoke a power of emotions.  Devoid of form whatsoever and using only his gift for storytelling, I am swept into the tale of the lasting wonder of friendship.   As if to stall death, Paul and his friend tell the story of The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios, one year at a time.  As with “The Facts”, the other short stories are poignant tales of love and loss.

A Map to Our Happy Ever After: A Wedding Map

From another site, I got the idea to create a wedding map.  We were getting married in Boracay and to correct the misconception (as there are no churches in Boracay) that we were having the ceremony at the beach , I set out drawing a map of the church and the venue for the reception.  Despite my awkward attempts to draw, our map was well-received.  At the back portion, we included information about Boracay, where to go, what to do, where to eat.  I love how we were able to personalize our wedding despite our limited budget.  Like I’ve always said, research pays off. =)

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Wedding Ideas from a Not So Crafty Bride

I love DIY projects…thing is, I’m not very artistic.  I’m a very good researcher though.  While researching wedding ideas for my own wedding, I came across pictures of wedding signposts.  I fell in love with the concept.  Luckily, I have a sister who’s quite crafty and a groom who’s super supportive (He had their carpenter build a sign post for me..oooh…love).  =) So, here’s the finished product!

wood signpost wedding

3 Weekends

We finally decided on the Top 20 pix last night. Whew.  More than a thousand pictures to choose from, it was quite a daunting task.  3 weeks after the wedding, I still have all this things to do:

1.  Drop my gown and bridal accessories at the dry cleaners.
2.  Return the mannequin and the capiz lamps we used for added drama.
3.  Deposit our checks from our principal sponsors.
4.  Update my status (Ugh..just thinking about all the paperwork gives me a headache)
5.  Send out thank you cards.
6.  Make an itemize list of all our expenses.
7.  Prepare for our Singapore trip.

That’s a lot.  I like making lists though.  It helps me become more productive.  Time to stop blogging and stop working now. =)

Raymund and Valerie Same Day Edit by JnR Family Studio

A Wedding in December

It is January now, hubby and I have been married for exactly 9 days now. We’re still amazed at how wonderful our wedding turned out to be. It was fun and relaxed, just the way hubby and I are.

We stuck to our budget and still managed to get the most amazing suppliers to work with us. It helps too to have a lot of support from family and friends. I still get teary-eyed when I think about how it all came together to be one fun wedding party. From the very start, we felt God’s hand in all our preparations. It was all so easy.
A lot of help also came in the form of blogs on weddings. This little blog is our little attempt to give back. We want all couples out there to know that a beach wedding need not be an exorbitantly costly affair. Enjoy!