A Retelling of Life

Writing An Article About Procrastination Because I’m Procrastinating

I am an experienced procrastinator.  I like the drama that comes with the deadlines, the high you get from an intense workout with your brain.  I can’t seem to get to start writing until the last moments.  So far, it has worked out in my favor.  I somehow come up with better pleadings under time pressure.  Hmm…now that I’ve thought about it, I don’t think I’ve ever written a memo, speech, article or letter ahead of time.  Fortunately, I’ve also always managed to meet the deadline but not before a thousand prayers sent heavenward.  =) The Lord is a wonderful God.

Thus, I am at it again.  Waiting til my brain feels the urge to start writing.  Once again, I am asking for your guidance Lord.  Bless me.  Anoint me with your Holy Spirit that I may articulate my points well and that I may successfully persuade the Commission to uphold the LA.  I lift up everything to you. Amen.


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