A Retelling of Life

Return to Sender

Today while working on a case, and pondering how to appreciate the “return to sender” postmark, I thought of our old landline number (24001, 4342507), my first mobile phone (09174450783) and my first line (09178540092).  Old friends who may have tried calling my old numbers would have found a deadend, just like the returned correspondence.   I turn to reminiscing, I remember the conversations I had with the people who may or may no longer be part of my life.  I remember falling asleep exhausted on the couch with the phone cradled over my ear.

These days are long gone, social networking sites have taken the place of personal calls.  Instead of calling a friend, you send a message in FB or chat.  Calls have morphed into devices for business.  Life has become too busy to indulge in the “telebabad” of yesteryears.

Still, I am thankful for advances in technology we’ve made over the years.  Hubby and I wouldn’t have made it if it were not for Sun’s unlimited calls.  =)  We couldn’t have gone on our cheap travels were it not for internet and online booking.  Life is fluid, it’s static and I’m not complaining. 😉


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