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Revisiting Boracay

Four months after our wedding, we went back to Boracay to get our marriage certificate from the Church.  This time, there was no rush, no preparations to think about, no family and friends to consider.  We woke up whenever we wanted to, swam when we felt like swimming,   ate when we were hungry.  It was a real vacation – one that didn’t require a “vacation from the vacation” afterward.  We were just there soaking the sun up while afloat Boracay’s pristine waters.  It was just bliss.

Looking back at all that has happened since them, my heart is filed with gratitude to the Lord for blessing us with a wedding that was far more wonderful than what we had imagined, for the overwhelming support that we got from our family and for friends who gave up their own holidays to be with us on our wedding day.

We are thankful too for our married life…albeit we haven’t had the opportunity to fully embrace our new state (us, having to keep our jobs, thus separate residences)..the journey from gf-bf to wifey-hubby has been a wonderful adventure of sorts.  The new discoveries about each other are endless but the process has been a fun and exciting one for us.  We continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance as we journey on to marital bliss. =)

We love you Lord. Thank you.