A Retelling of Life

Another Wedding in the Family

Four days ago, my younger sister walked down a church aisle lined with purple hydrangeas, an angelic vision in white lace.  It was a culmination of 7 months of  planning, 7 months that took my sister and her groom on a whirlwind round of photo and video ops in different locations around the island of Negros.

20 pairs of sponsors in varying shades of silver and gray heralded the start of the bridal march.  It took my breath away seeing her looking so happy and beautiful, a radiant bride excited to begin a new life with her dashing groom.  It was a fitting beginning to a love story that began in an inauspicious setting, at a doctor’s clinic, no less.

It was a beautiful wedding between two beautiful souls.  I may not have the words to aptly describe how beautiful the entire wedding was but believe me, it felt like a fairy tale…a wedding fit for a princess.  Then again, that is who Kaye is..our darling princess. 🙂   Sweet, amiable, loving and kind, she is a Disney princess, cast in the same mold as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.  Everyone takes to her as she is able to put everyone at ease, she is magical…she’s the closest a human can get to being magical anyway.

That said, my advice to all would be brides is this:  “a wedding should always be a reflection of who the bride is.”  In my sister’s case, it was fit for a princess.  🙂 Her talent and creativity and eye for exceptional beauty shone through every detail of her wedding.  In my case, it was as laidback and carefree as I am.  We both got the wedding of our dreams and that my friends, is what every bride should aspire for. 🙂




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