A Retelling of Life

Too Much On My Plate?

The entire day, I’ve been glued to my PC, storing DIY templates, bookmarking websites on US constitutional Law and surveying the records on my desk.  I have accomplished a little of something, so all is not lost. 🙂

I’m that type of person.  When fixing my room, I spend a few minutes on cleaning and hours rereading magazines, books and letters that I’m supposed to put in order.    Or I begin one task and then, before finishing, move to another.  To sum it up, my problem has always been finishing projects.  Not all projects in particular, but projects with no deadlines.

I had no problem with school or the bar or even lawyering because there were time periods I had to meet.  Now, I am in control of my time.  Time is a luxury I enjoy and it is something I haven’t been able to control–yet.


I am trying to change that though.  I am married now.  Although, we still are in a long distance relationship, we are a legal “us”.  That means that we have to make plans, set deadlines for our goals.  It means going beyond our adventures and making day to day decisions.  It means getting the “fun” us to also do some “serious” time.  I know that it’s early days yet and there’ll be more adjustments to make in the future.  Like hubby is sick with fever now.  I want to visit him but can’t because I have work here.  😦

I am confident though that the Lord is looking out for us.  Stay tuned, life will only get better. 🙂






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