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Good Morning God 1

November 24

Surrender.  That is the key to quality of living in Me. At last you have surrendered in sureness of purpose to My will for you.  Do not be afraid–the hallmark of My surrendered child is lack of fear. Waver not upon the sea of doubt. Stand firm and true, courageous and unyielding, for all the world to see.

-Good Morning…God by Pamel Steinke

I surrender my life to You, dear Lord.  I am about to start a new chapter in my life.  I am thankful for this opportunity.  I pray for guidance, for wisdom, for strength of purpose.  May You work through me Lord. Let me be Your instrument. Thank you. Amen.



A Countdown to Our Anniversary – Day 2

We didn’t have a wedding organizer for our wedding.  We figured we’d spend the money we’d have paid for one to spend on the little things.  Moreover, we didn’t have much of a budget to work with since we didn’t think we’d get married til 2011.  Fortunately, both our families pitched it (both financially and physically…Yup, we’re super blessed. :))  It all worked out..thanks to wedding blogs and the help of amazing family and friends.

The postcards were created by my sister Kaye who after seeing me take in too much DIY work than I could handle, began editing the little postcards file, in between her duty hours at the hospital.   The “love” artwork was an advance wedding gift from  my childhood friend Michelle Tupaz; while the flower baskets where a find from the market of all markets, “Divi”.

Our rings were specially created for us by hubby’s Tita.  We decided on a two toned ring with gold lining the edges and a platinum band as we wanted something that would survive the test of time.

Our Bible was something I found in the Wedding Library in SM-MOA.  I just had to buy it as it fit our beach theme.  The wedding map was something I saw online which I revised to fit our Boracay wedding.  I’m really sorry I can’t credit the one who came up with the idea though, I was too much in a hurry at that time to note the website.  I did the sketch for this while attending a MCLE seminar.  (I imagine I looked like someone who was very interested in the lecture at that time. Haha) . So I guess this is it for Day 2.  Ciao!

Thank You Lu!

Hubby and I are celebrating our first year anniversary in a little over a month!  I think it’s high time I finish sharing tips about planning a wedding before I move onto other things.  Starting today until our anniversary, I’m sharing the little things I loved about our wedding.

A Thank You Card From the Heart

This little cartoon was created by my illustrator/artist friend Luisa Gonzales. 🙂  As I’ve said in a previous post, a wedding is a reflection of the couple.

Hubby and I have always loved going on adventures and well, the beach ranks quite high on our fave places to go.  In fact, the beach has often been a backdrop to our love story.   Thanks to Lu, we have this cartoon that captures  just how much hubby and I love the beach.

A Walk in the Clouds – A Sagada Tale

Just a few hours ago, I received confirmation that the career shift I’m after may be happening sooner that I expected.  I’m overwhelmed by our Lord’s timing.  On that very same week (my birthday week), hubby and I have planned a birthday trip to Sagada.    It’s been 3 years since my last visit and to say that I’m excited is an understatement.  Of all the places I’ve visited in the Philippines, Sagada remains to be my favorite.

I want to stand in awe of the terraces again, I want to plunge into the cold rivers of Bomod-ok falls, I want to be unnerved by the sight of the hanging coffins, I want to just sit still while atop Kiltepan peak.  Sagada is a study of contrasts.  You are at once,in a place of frenetic activity and yet enveloped by a feeling of stillness..of peace. It’s a place forgotten by time.

Everything seems to be set.  After my career thing, we’ll be taking the bus to Sagada.  Another adventure awaits us and this time, I promise to document the experience.

At Kiltepan Peak

We survived Sagada!

Finding a Nest

Hubby and I have visited at least 9 sites since we started this hunt for our home base.  Times have changed but a man’s need for land remains.  Everytime we visit a site, our imagination goes on overdrive.  We imagine ourselves  building a home with our children, enjoying their childhood with them, helping them out with their homework, preparing them for school and then for real life. Of course, ultimately, hubby and I will find ourselves with just each other again.

Indeed, this is our first real step as a married couple.  We pray for guidance as we make this decision.  We have our eyes set on a lakefront community subdivision….However, we need the Lord’s hand in this, as this is one serious matter.

Dearest Lord,

We lift up to you the desires of our heart.  Help us discern what will be best for our future.  We lift up our entire life to you dear Father.  Lead Raymund and me in this journey of ours. Amen.

Love,  Raymund and Val

The Week that Was

My whirlwind week started with a trip to Manila last October 16, 2011.  Taking my Mickey Mouse trolley on its first outing since I bought it on our “not so honeymoon” trip to Singapore, I flew to Manila to work on my papers for a possible new assignment.  I came back home on the 19th to prepare for our regional convention on the 20th and the 21st of October.  It was wonderful to do an emcee stint again.  It was exhilirating to host an organization that was so dynamic, where intermission acts and ice breakers came together on the day of convention,where  the city mayor just happened to send two separate representatives with 2 different speeches, where there was not just one but two Masskara opening numbers!   It was short of miraculous how together the convention seemed despite the “spur of the moment” planning.

I guess that’s what makes Bacolod a great host–the love for Bacolod inherent in every Bacolodnon.  Come crunch time, everybody just embraces the spirit of things and individual concerns are forgotten.  It was beautiful to see everyone working in harmony, making sure that all needs were met and going out of their way to make sure that the delegates would enjoy themselves. It is this love for our city that makes us, want them, the “tourists”, to see what we love about Bacolod too.  I got quite “high” from the experience.

On the afternoon of the 21st, I rushed to the pier to catch the latest trip to Iloilo in time for my Corporations in Distress class at 8:00 am on the 22nd.    During the next two days, I got to know FRIA or the Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act of 2010.  An afternoon group activity got me into debate mode.   Six years–that’s how long it’s been since I’ve last debated before an audience.  I loved the rush of adrenalin running through my veins, the flurry of ideas passing through my mind.  At that moment, I said a silent prayer to the Lord, thanking him for leading hubby to enrol me in the program.

On Monday, (24) I rushed to Bacolod to work on the urgent tasks on my desks before rushing to catch the last ferry trip to Iloilo.  I had a 5:50 flight toManila to catch on the 25th and this, I did not want to miss.  Waking up to a hubby-prepared breakfast was a wonderful start to an early day of non-stop activity.  I flew ahead of hubby who had to get a later flight as he had a morning meeting to attend to.  With Dee, I explored the streets of Divisoria, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of various wares and merchandise and trying my best to control my Christmas spirit (!).

After we had our fill of Divi, I returned to our hotel to await hubby’s arrival from the airport.  It would be our first time to witness an international act perform..the BEP–no less.  We would be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in 2 months’ time and new priorities would have to be put in place.  This would be our last frivolous purchase for the next five years and hubby and I knew that we had to make it count.

Despite my aching legs (worn out from my Divi excursion), hubby and I along with some FFPs (“friends from the province”) danced the night away to the pulsating rhythm of the BEP.  My heart soared with pride when they showed Apl de Ap’s infomercial advocating the education of children.  I cried with Fergie when she spoke of missing “the brothers she never had”..I love the BEP because more than the beat, their music is positive and full of meaning.  They have made “helping others” cool..something that is quite a feat in the  often “selfish and egocentric” music industry.

As they said goodbye as the BEP for the last time, fireworks lit up the sky to signal the end to a wonderful celebration of the 10 years of BEP.