A Retelling of Life

Finding a Nest

Hubby and I have visited at least 9 sites since we started this hunt for our home base.  Times have changed but a man’s need for land remains.  Everytime we visit a site, our imagination goes on overdrive.  We imagine ourselves  building a home with our children, enjoying their childhood with them, helping them out with their homework, preparing them for school and then for real life. Of course, ultimately, hubby and I will find ourselves with just each other again.

Indeed, this is our first real step as a married couple.  We pray for guidance as we make this decision.  We have our eyes set on a lakefront community subdivision….However, we need the Lord’s hand in this, as this is one serious matter.

Dearest Lord,

We lift up to you the desires of our heart.  Help us discern what will be best for our future.  We lift up our entire life to you dear Father.  Lead Raymund and me in this journey of ours. Amen.

Love,  Raymund and Val


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