A Retelling of Life

A Walk in the Clouds – A Sagada Tale

Just a few hours ago, I received confirmation that the career shift I’m after may be happening sooner that I expected.  I’m overwhelmed by our Lord’s timing.  On that very same week (my birthday week), hubby and I have planned a birthday trip to Sagada.    It’s been 3 years since my last visit and to say that I’m excited is an understatement.  Of all the places I’ve visited in the Philippines, Sagada remains to be my favorite.

I want to stand in awe of the terraces again, I want to plunge into the cold rivers of Bomod-ok falls, I want to be unnerved by the sight of the hanging coffins, I want to just sit still while atop Kiltepan peak.  Sagada is a study of contrasts.  You are at once,in a place of frenetic activity and yet enveloped by a feeling of stillness..of peace. It’s a place forgotten by time.

Everything seems to be set.  After my career thing, we’ll be taking the bus to Sagada.  Another adventure awaits us and this time, I promise to document the experience.

At Kiltepan Peak

We survived Sagada!


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