A Retelling of Life


Hubby’s first triathlon,  Vafalu Design’s first outing, Vafalu’s first model pictorial….Indeed, it was a weekend of firsts.

On an crisp Saturday morning, we traipsed to the San Francisco Lake Resort in Alangilan with our wares (the cutest tees in the world! Haha.).  Hubby had decided to join the triathlon despite a 3 week bout with the flu.   I was a little concerned but knew that he would be undeterred.  After all, he was a non-swimmer who would dare swim 300 m across an ice cold lake because he felt he was ready for a triathlon.  I knew his mind was made up and even envied him the determination to see things through.

I had bought a mountain bike 6 months ago and up to this day I have not gotten beyond Ledesco Village in Iloilo.  That’s pretty pathetic progress.   Six months after telling hubby: “let’s do a triathlon”, I still haven’t made the necessary changes.  Instead of over-analyzing the list of to dos I had yet to accomplish, I decide to focus on what I’m good at.  I bring people ideas and then I’m a very good supporter, cheerleader, and encourager…


My Hubby, the Triathlete

So last Saturday, I appointed myself cheerleader and cheered loudly whenever I got glimpses of hubby passing through in his bike and later during the run.

Joy of joys, not only did hubby finish the race (as I knew he would), he placed third too.   That and the tale of his being given a handicap is another story. =D  Suffice it to say that it was another hectic but colorful weekend.

“Thank you Lord for a husband who’s willing to try new things, for a family who supports my harebrained ideas, for friends who love to dream with me.”


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