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Read it last night in time for the movie and now I’m a fan of Katniss Everdeen! We need more women characters like her.

Watch “Somewhere In Dreamland (1936) Max Fleischer’s Color Classic Animation” on YouTube

Off to Dreamland

There’s this silent short cartoon that remains strongly entrenched in my memory. It begins with a little girl and a little boy sitting by a table with their mom. They’re in tattered clothes but they’re oblivious to their poverty. They heartily share a hard bun and dip it water, imagining the liquid to be milk while their mom worriedly looks on. They’re happy despite their circumstances.

Then the cartoon moves to a dream sequence. The children are seen walking on clouds and having their heart’s desires…

And then, my memory fails me. I can’t recall what happens next… I’ll have to search the net and hope someone uploaded that clip sometime ago.

The moral of the story remains with me though, we can’t let our circumstances defeat us. We are not what our circumstances make us.

Every man has the capacity to reach his dreams.  All it takes is faith, faith in God and faith in one’s self.
After all, life is a journey, a journey involving great leaps of faith.


I haven’t blogged in a long time.  I just want to say that this is truly a wonderful world. ;D  Life has been full of surprises lately.  There is still one major surprise hubby and I are waiting for but we can wait.  The Lord has the most wonderful plans.

Surprise #1  –  I’ve mastered the art of “pabati-bati”.  The dictionary would say that the English term for that is hinting or innuendo.  However, I don’t quite agree that the English terms conveys the same subtlety and ease that a woman directs on her love when she wants something without asking for it directly.  Now, that, my friends, is an art.

In any case, after hinting that I missed the days when he used to bring me flowers or the little surprises he had in store for me, hubby finally succumbed to my pabati-bati.  We were in Iloilo the weekend before Valentine’s Day for a pre-valentine celebration.  When I got home to Bacolod, I found a Valentine’s card in my backpack.  There he wrote that he was looking forward to the day when we would be spending Valentine’s day together and that he was sorry that we wouldn’t be together this time.  (We both had to work on Heart’s Day).  I sent him a quick thank you text for the card.  After all, there’s nothing like the joy of reading your love’s handwritten notes.  🙂 In this day and age, I still insist on receiving the handwritten notes, the personal gestures that no amount of digital card and emails can replace.

The following day, Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  I had a very big trial coming up.  I would be presenting my first witness in a reverse trial and my mind was on overdrive.  I was up very early going over the questions I would be asking, praying hard that the Holy Spirit would be direct me all through out the day.  My hearing started at 8:00 am and lasted until 11:00 am.  I was feeling a little exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.  I am truly glad to be practicing again.

One of the court staff, called me aside and told me that there was someone who was looking for me.   I entered the staff room and received a hug from who else but hubby.  Apparently, he had taken my hints to heart and had successfully executed the perfect surprise.  I really had no idea he would be coming–with a bouquet of flowers, no less.

We had a quick lunch at Chika-an, one of the restos in Rob’s Central City Walk.  Hubby had to report to the hospital at 7pm but we made the most the time we had before his 2:45pm trip back to Iloilo.

Surprise # 2 – I’ll have a nephew soon! My sister is finally out of the hospital and in two months I’ll be an aunt then.  We pray for her and her baby Lord.  Bless them.

Surprise #3 –  Life just keeps getting better.  I had another hearing this morning.  I can’t disclose what happened but I must say that I feel like I’ve found my new home.  I think this is where I should be. Thank you Lord.