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Sleep and 8tracks

There was a time in my life when I used my 100 peso daily allowance to buy tapes of my fave albums. I would then have to scrimp to survive the week but it didn’t matter. The days i spent basking in the sound of Damien Rice’s Wishful Thinking or Savage Garden’s Sta. Monica more than made up for the hotdog and pancit canton-eating days.

These days, I find myself drawn to music again. It’s as if my left brain decided to reassert itself again. With the help of 8tracks, music is making a resurgence in my life.

I remember how hubby used to write the lyrics of his fave love songs on old fashioned stationery. He would then send it to me and I would be tickled pink reading it. The ways of courtship has changed since the arrival of social networking sites but one thing that has remained constant is the connection between love and music. I am in love with my hubby and this beautiful baby growing inside of me. I am glad that when I feel overwhelmed by this love and joy I feel, I have music to accompany me. In my bed, listening to my good morning sunshine mix, I find myself wiping blissful tears streaming by my face. At these moments I feel at peace, I am one with our Creator.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for all the goodness in this world.

Next Showing: The Island of the Gods

I have my permit to travel, our Garuda flight has been moved back to its original schedule, and all our tours are coming into place.  In 11 days, hubby and I will be going on our first real honeymoon.  Last year wasn’t really one since when we bought our tickets to Sing, we didn’t know yet, that we were getting married.  We traveled with my Mom, friends and a friend’s tita.  It was fun of course, but in a rowdy sort of way.

This time we are taking it slow.  We won’t be pushing ourselves to finish up all the sites.  This time it will be about reflection and introspection.  I’m blessed because hubby is a history buff as I am.  He likes visiting temples as I do..Our trips have always been about getting to know the culture of a country, befriending the locals, stumbling into quaint restaurants, and finding those serendipitous moments that new adventures bring.

This may be our last DIY backpacking trip in a long time after all.  We’re welcoming a new person in our lives and that necessarily brings change.  We don’t mind.  We are ready for a different kind of adventure but we just have to have this one last one. 😀

In closing, I just have to say that my heart is so full these days.  I am a child of God and I am blessed.  Thank you Lord, for everything.

Thinking Beyond Me

So this is what it’s like.  I feel ecstatic, apprehensive and thankful all the same time.  This rollercoaster of emotions is something I’m not so used to but I will have to adapt.  I’ve decided to stop reading technical books and just enjoy what’s happening as it happens.  My strong imagination has always been scarier than even the scariest horror stories..so for now, I will feed my imagination with fanciful tales of ever after.

I pray for courage to prepare well for this, to be able to take care of the Lord’s gift in the best way I can.  I pray for hubby and me. Help us find our way to the wonderful future you have prepared for us Lord. We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 😀

A Beginning

I can’t wait til thursday! It’ll be the day when we find out for certain if we have been given a special gift. We trust in You Lord. You know what’s best for us. We love You. Goodnight.