A Retelling of Life

Wee Sing in Sillyville

It’s lunchtime.  After a morning of discussing the probability of an approved plea bargaining agreement and the preparation and filing of proposals for my clients, (Sadly, most of the accused cannot afford to post bail and will opt to plead guilty and avail of probation to escape detention)  I reward myself by listening to the  harmonious tunes of Disney classics and begin thinking of my childhood.  I grew up on nursery rhymes, fairy tales and Disney flicks.  We had the kind of household that encouraged learning, books were in abundance and we had cassette tapes of our favorite kiddie tunes to lull us to sleep.  Our favorite cartoon characters were made even more alive by the drawings Mom would make for us while Daddy took our imagination to new heights with tales of adventures told every bedtime.

Hubby and I hope to make such a home for our child.  I am truly excited at the prospect of introducing him or her to the tales of my childhood, to teach him or her about the strength of the elephant king Babar, the stories of the courageous and kindhearted  Madeline, the silly and fun adventures of Dr. Seus.

I continue to thank the Lord for this blessing.  We have about five more months to go.  Hubby and I haven’t gotten things in order yet but we trust that the Lord will guide us.  When the time comes, we will be ready.  In my heart of hearts, I whisper a prayer of thanks for this gift.


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