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Slowing Down

I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty active person, robust and healthy, if you will. I seldom get sick.  My visits to the hospital have all been due strange little freak accidents.  I was rushed to the er when I was about three after a small portion of my ear was ripped, after getting snagged  by the corner of the sofa table.  When I turned about five, our house underwent some renovation and my toys were piled up on top of several drawers.  I did what any kid would do, climb through the pile of drawers to get my toys.   As luck would have it while making my ascent I just happened to sit on a nail.  There’s not much I remember about my hospital visit except that I bled a lot and urinating was painful for a couple of weeks.  Then there was my encounter with the sewing machine needle when I was twelve.  I just happened to sew into my middle finger breaking the needle in the process.  Again, I needed another trip to the E.R. and I recall my mom telling me to hold my finger tight as the needle particles lodged in my finger would go straight to the my heart. =)

In fact, the only time I’ve been hospitalized was when I got indigestion when I was about five years old.  I was a picky eater and to encourage me to eat, our yaya then had my sister and I engaging in “eating contests”.  I won, not because I ate fast but because I swallowed my food instead of chewing it.  (That by the way is a skill I still have to this day.)  This is why I’ve always believed that my guardian angel looks over me closely.  After all, I survived all those mishaps, didn’t I?

However, I think I must have repressed a lot of those memories, I don’t remember the fear or pain of those visits. That may explain my aversion to hospitals.  While I enjoy visiting hospitals, I don’t like being hospitalized.  I fear medical procedures.  My prayer has always been to be spared a “stint” in the OR.  I guess that’s why despite having a lot of medical professionals in our family (I am married to a nurse, have a sister who’s an OB and another one who’s in 3rd year med aside from the titos, titas and cousins.), I don’t know much about medicine.  I like getting my medical information on a need to know basis. =)

As my pregnancy has progressed,  I have been pysching myself up to accept that I will be spending time in the Delivery Room.  I will have to be admitted.  This is something that will undoubtedly happen.  However, I’ve been hoping to postpone any hospital trips til DDay.  So far, I’ve had a relaxed pregnancy, no morning sickness, no gird, none of those awful conditions often associated with pregnancy.

Also, I’ve managed to work as I did pre-pregnancy.   Day in and day out, I went through 3 flights of stairs (300 steps more or less) at least thrice everyday, hearings on Tuesdays to Fridays, at least 4 jail visits per month, pleadings galore and more.  I felt like one of the lucky ones.  However, we are mere mortals and the human body has its limitations.  Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way.

After a busy week of travelling to Hinigaran, then Iloilo, then hearings on Thursday and Friday, my body succumbed to the stress.  A visit to the DR last Friday night was quite an eye-opener.  I was almost admitted (one of my top ten fears) and was allowed to be treated as an out patient after I made some promises, one of them being an ultrasound the following day.  After the ultrasound where I was seen to have a shorter than desirable cervix, I have been advised to go on bedrest for a week.

I really thought it would be easy but bed rest actually means spending time in bed horizontally.  I found this out when on Day 1 where I thought bed rest included some walking around, my condition didn’t improve.  Since then I’ve been strictly spending time in bed except for bathroom breaks.

I’m just blessed that I have a supportive hubby, family and friends.  I know this is God’s way of reminding me to slow down.  Our baby boy is growing in my tummy and I’m so thankful that his development is going quite well. The doctor said he’s a little acrobat, moving about so much that it was quite impossible to take a photo of his face during the ultrasound.  Hubby and I keep telling him to enjoy his stay in my womb, while we’re excited to hold him in our arms, it would be best if he waited a couple of months more before coming out to the world. =)

I’m off to the ob again in a few hours.  Bless us Lord, help us go through a full term pregnancy and a normal delivery.  Thank you for a wonderful life. Amen.

Soon, Baby, Soon…

It’s August already, in three months, our little boy will be out in the world.  I am filled with excitement, curiosity, happiness and a little apprehension.  I pray that the Lord will continue to protect us..that He will keep our baby healthy and normal and beautiful on the inside and out.   This early, I intercede to the Lord to give him a wonderful life.  Each night, hubby and I pray for the grace to be ready for parenthood, that we may be guided by His hand in our rearing him.  We know it won’t be easy, nothing that is ever worth anything is.  But with the Lord’s guidance and with what we have learned from our own loving parents, we will be good parents to a wonderful little boy.

Like any mother to be, my fears come and go. Every time a horrible scenario crosses my mind, I say a quick prayer to the Lord and ask Him for His grace.

Taking a break from the pleading I have been working on, I’ve been repinning lots of baby photo ideas onto my pinterest account.  I’ve been viewing a lot of DIY stuff that I hope to do when our house is finished.  I wonder what kind of mom I will be. Once again, I am overwhelmed by the blessing of this gift. Thank You Lord for your many blessings. Amen.

Rainy Weather Writing

I’m way behind on my deadlines.  This lovely bed weather is my undoing.  Instead of writing, I have been organizing my files, doing the stuff that don’t require much mental activity.

Today is D-day, if I don’t get any writing today, I will have to surrender tomorrow.  Today, I come prepared for battle.  I have a playlist ready, starting with the Jabez album to remind me that I am a servant of the Lord.  All of these things I do is my offering to Him.  Next up will be the full stimulation of my brain via classical music.  Most of all, I have the Lord’s guidance in all that I do.  I will survive today basking in the knowledge that He has my back…that He is looking out for me.

Thank You Lord for a wonderful life. =) God bless us all today.