A Retelling of Life

Family, Changes, Miracles and Everything in Between

My little boy will be turning 5 months old next week.  He can now stick his tongue out at will.  He makes emphatic noises when he feels hot or wants a change in position.  He’s a little human being, with likes and dislikes.  I love how his eyes seem to reflect his mischievousness when he smiles.  I love everything about him from the tips of his toes to the hair on his head.  Everyday, I make a quick glance above to say: “thank you Lord.”

Everyday too since our family found out some alarming news, I bring Ethan’s hand together and with him pray: “Lord, please bless my lola. Heal her.  Let everything be fine with her Lord.”  The tears that threaten to pour out are kept within the rim of my eyes.  I refuse to even consider it. Until we’re certain, we’re keeping our trust in our friend up there.  I know the Lord is taking care of mommy and that she’ll be fine.

My mother-in-law shared this prayer with me to give to my mom.  It goes like this:

“Why do you get confused and hectic by the problems of life?  Leave all your things in my care and everything will go better.  When you let yourself go to me all will be solved peacefully as per my plans.  Do not despair; do not make me a desperate prayer as if you want to order me to fulfill you wishes.  Close the eyes of your soul and tell me peacefully JESUS I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU.

Avoid the worries and anguish and the thoughts of what might happen later.  Do not spoil my plans waiting to impose your ideas on me.  Let me be God and let me act with liberty.  Rest in my and leave your future in my hands.  Tell me frequently JESUS I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU.  What hurt me most are your reasoning and your own ideas and wanting to solve things your way.  When you tell me: JESUS I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU, do not be like the patient who asks the doctor to cure him, but he suggests the way to do it.  Let me take you in my divine arms; do not be afraid, I LOVE YOU.

If you believe that things get worse or get complicated in spite of your prayer, keep on trusting.  Close the eyes of your soul and trust.  Continue telling me at all times: JESUS I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU.  I need free hands to act.  Do not tie me up with your useless worries.  That is what Satan wants, to anguish you, to take the Peace away from you.  Trust only in ME, let yourself go to me.  So do not worry.  Give ME all your worries and sleep peacefully.  Always tell me.  JESUS I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU and you will see big miracles.  I promise you by my love.”

Thank you Lord for a beautiful and rich life. Amen.


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