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Sonata In My Mind

Sometimes you come across a movie that stays imprinted in you.  You wake up the following day still feeling the hum of the background sonata reverberating in your mind.   Sonata is one such movie.

I went to watch Sonata with no expectations. I hadn’t read any reviews and all I knew was that it was directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes and was supposed to be an ode to Negros.  The film got off to a slow start.  In the beginning, I caught myself looking at my watch wondering how many minutes it would take to pick up.  Midway, I was hooked.  The precious friendship between Regina and Jonjon tugged at my heart.  I laughed and cried with the entire audience at the antics of Don Giovanni  and Pinkerton.  The stellar performances of the actors, the breathtaking scenes of Negros and the haunting background music came together to produce a wonderful cinematic experience.  

This is why I go to the movies, to lose myself in someone else’s life and forget my own for a short while, to laugh and cry and feel, to celebrate everything that makes us human.  I don’t think there was a dry eye at the theater last night.  =) Thank you Sonata for a good cry and for reminding us that indeed, it is a beautiful life. 

I’ll Love You Forever

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” Robert Munsch

Tonight, I arrived home from work pretty exhausted. I had a whole morning full of hearings and an afternoon spent preparing a position paper. There was just so much more that needed to be done. Work does get overwhelming sometimes. I have another round of hearings tomorrow and I am weary just thinking about it.

I get home and go straight to baby Ethan’s room. He looks so peaceful in his sleep, like he’s resting on clouds and walking on rainbows. I gaze at him and catch him smiling just as if he’s seeing fluffy dogs and adorable cats – seeing the kind of things beautiful dreams are made of. The weariness is lifted off my shoulders. I am reminded of how rich and wonderful the world is. Indeed, how wonderful or miserable your life is depends on your perspective.

I realize how shallow I was to complain about work. I am blessed to have a job where I am paid to help people. I have a little boy who looks at me like I am the world to him. I have a hubby who keeps encouraging me to go biking/swimming and running with him (because it just is so much fun to do all these strenuous activities…(hehe). In other words, I am loved…

I say a quick word of thanks to the Lord for the reminder. I have so many concerns but my God so much bigger. I cast all my cares upon Him. Tonight, I will sleep well. He will take care of me and of my problems just as He has done my entire life. I have nothing to fear.