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New Beginnings

My heart is beating fast. Thoughts flash through my mind faster than my thought processes can break down.  Yes, I am giddy and excited again.  Apparently, all it took is to rouse me from my lethargic stupor was change.  (Although, I guess the cup of coffee I just drank helped too.)

Change…Oh, what a leap we have made.  I am away from home again after six years, away from the comforts of a loving family and supportive friends, away from my favorite haunts, my secret places and loves.  Although this time, I am just a ferry ride away, this change breathes permanence.  We are making our home here.  Our house, the one that witnessed our growing pains, has been leased to a young couple who like us, are also growing roots in a new city.

It takes some adjustment to be renting a home as we have been constrained to do here.  It has brought on mixed emotions as I feel both excited at making this new rented place a home while nursing my disappointment that it is not ours.  It feels odd making friends with neighbors in our compound who like us are mere transients.  Nonetheless, it is a wonder to see how our little two years and seven month old little boy is progressing, now that he has both his parents raising him.  He is a well-adjusted, witty charmer that never fails to bring a smile to our faces with his antics.

The games that he invents himself, like playing SM (where we pretend that we are the customers while he is SM, selling anything and everything) is reflective of how creative toddlers can be.  Last night, he woke up and asked for water and seeing a golf ball (part of a kiddie golf set) on the floor, he picked it up and told me, “Mama, here is one ball but where are the other balls?”.  He can recite “Going on a Bear Hunt” and a host of other stories from memory.  One time I heard him “reading” Elmer and the Teddy Bear.  I am so proud of how much he loves books.   One of his nanas (who has trouble reading without glasses)told me about how she read him a story and because she had no glasses, made up her own text along the way.”  E protested knowing that that was not how the story goes.

I am not very consistent about documenting our life as family.  Thus, I am making the most of this moment today while my mind is so full of thoughts that I just have to write to get it all out.

I thank you Lord for my existence, for the family I was born into and married into.  Most of all, I thank you for the family hubby and I have made through your grace.  Thank you. Amen.