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I chanced upon a blog article on the top ten celebrity weddings and thought about mine.  Two months in the making and yet, we pulled it off.  Again, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness to me and my family.  Four years and nine months since we tied the knot, two houses and a little boy later, I can say that life is good.  Sure, not everything has been a bed of roses, but we have survived the storms the came.  With God’s help, I can say that we will weather the coming storms with aplomb.

Thank you Lord. 🙂

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Oh how excited we are to see you.  It is early days yet but I want to assure you that you will grow up in a home full of love and affection.  I pray that the Lord will help you grow strong and healthy while you live in my tummy, these next eight or seven months.

Your big brother is such a loving little boy.  I am certain that you will have lots of fun together.  He knows how to make the sign of the cross now and starting tonight, we are including you in our night prayers.  We love you very much little one and we thank God for blessing us with you.  Take care always.  Hugs and kisses.

Your mommy.