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Sonata In My Mind

Sometimes you come across a movie that stays imprinted in you.  You wake up the following day still feeling the hum of the background sonata reverberating in your mind.   Sonata is one such movie.

I went to watch Sonata with no expectations. I hadn’t read any reviews and all I knew was that it was directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes and was supposed to be an ode to Negros.  The film got off to a slow start.  In the beginning, I caught myself looking at my watch wondering how many minutes it would take to pick up.  Midway, I was hooked.  The precious friendship between Regina and Jonjon tugged at my heart.  I laughed and cried with the entire audience at the antics of Don Giovanni  and Pinkerton.  The stellar performances of the actors, the breathtaking scenes of Negros and the haunting background music came together to produce a wonderful cinematic experience.  

This is why I go to the movies, to lose myself in someone else’s life and forget my own for a short while, to laugh and cry and feel, to celebrate everything that makes us human.  I don’t think there was a dry eye at the theater last night.  =) Thank you Sonata for a good cry and for reminding us that indeed, it is a beautiful life. 

Monsters: Why You Shouldn’t Read a Film Review Before Watching the Film

Some days, reading a review is a good thing, it helps you keep things in the proper perspective and ensure maximum film enjoyment.  Some days, it just messes up the viewing experience.

I watched Monsters expecting a beautiful mix of Before Sunrise and Godzilla (that was how one reviewer put it), suffice it to say that I was extremely disappointed.  The conversation between the 2 leads was far from engaging.  Whereas Before Sunrise was an invitation to overhear the conversation of two souls, with Monsters, it was the cinematography and the effects that carried the movie…the conversation was just small talk between 2 empty leads.   Over all though, the special effects dazzled in its simplicity.  Maybe I just expected too much from Monsters.  Which reminds me, times like these, it pays to read the review after the movie.