A Retelling of Life


A Sagada Tale – Day 1

For my birthday, hubby and I and a couple of friends went to Sagada.   A few weeks before our trip, I found out that trusty old Autobus was no longer operational.  Luckily, we were able to make reservations with Cable Tours to get to Bontoc.  From Bontoc, we would have to take a jeepney to Sagada.

How we found the bus terminal is a story worthy of another post.  Apparently, the terminal was moved from ” near Trinity University” to “a vacant lot which can reached by turning left from the corner where Shakey’s is.”  In any case, I don’t think we would have found it if Annie, Donna and Jovy hadn’t stumbled into it and told us the magic directional word “Shakeys”.

After paying a fee of 650php, we were bound for Bontoc.  We left Cubao at 8:30 pm and at around 7 am, found ourselves in Banaue, in the land of the famed Banaue Rice Terraces.  After much pleading, Mr. Driver agreed to stop by Banaue to allow us to take pictures of the awe-inspiring Banaue Rice Terraces.

On a windy morning, we excitedly took shots of the rice terraces, hoping to capture it  in all its majesty.  A testament to the ingenuity and industry of Filipinos, the rice terraces remind us of the strength of the human spirit.  It is an inspiration to our generation, a reminder to all Filipinos that long before the invaders came, we had our own inventions, our own tools, our own way of life.   We have it in us to be great..we just have to find our way as a nation.

We stopped by Bontoc for some hot coffee, the perfect companion to a foggy day.  Again, I reflect on how blessed our country is.  We have endless choices of  places to visit, from awe-inspiring mountains, to rich forests to splendid beaches — all in the Philippines.

Luckily, Mr. Bus Driver decides to take us all the way to Sagada with an additional fee of 100php.  Our weary backs and butts welcome the thought of not having to take the one hour jeepney ride from Bontoc to Sagada.  Finally, after 12 hours, we find ourselves in Sagada.

We register at the tourist center and pay a minimal fee of 10php.  We then check in at Rock Inn, Sagada.

Now, this was a room with a view.

So this is why our inn is named “Rock Inn.”

We make tour arrangements with SAGGAs.  Jeff and Kuya Jeff are excited to show us around.

The adventure is about to begin…

To be continued…

A Walk in the Clouds – A Sagada Tale

Just a few hours ago, I received confirmation that the career shift I’m after may be happening sooner that I expected.  I’m overwhelmed by our Lord’s timing.  On that very same week (my birthday week), hubby and I have planned a birthday trip to Sagada.    It’s been 3 years since my last visit and to say that I’m excited is an understatement.  Of all the places I’ve visited in the Philippines, Sagada remains to be my favorite.

I want to stand in awe of the terraces again, I want to plunge into the cold rivers of Bomod-ok falls, I want to be unnerved by the sight of the hanging coffins, I want to just sit still while atop Kiltepan peak.  Sagada is a study of contrasts.  You are at once,in a place of frenetic activity and yet enveloped by a feeling of stillness..of peace. It’s a place forgotten by time.

Everything seems to be set.  After my career thing, we’ll be taking the bus to Sagada.  Another adventure awaits us and this time, I promise to document the experience.

At Kiltepan Peak

We survived Sagada!