A Retelling of Life


Rainy Weather Writing

I’m way behind on my deadlines.  This lovely bed weather is my undoing.  Instead of writing, I have been organizing my files, doing the stuff that don’t require much mental activity.

Today is D-day, if I don’t get any writing today, I will have to surrender tomorrow.  Today, I come prepared for battle.  I have a playlist ready, starting with the Jabez album to remind me that I am a servant of the Lord.  All of these things I do is my offering to Him.  Next up will be the full stimulation of my brain via classical music.  Most of all, I have the Lord’s guidance in all that I do.  I will survive today basking in the knowledge that He has my back…that He is looking out for me.

Thank You Lord for a wonderful life. =) God bless us all today.