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Deactivating FB

A few hours ago, I deactivated my FB account. It means saying goodbye to a medium that has been my companion through the years when I was away from my family. I’m back home now and I would like to think that by deactivating my FB, I am reclaiming my life. (The honest truth is that a hacker took over my account and while he/she gave it back, I now have a real fear of networking sites)

I realize now there is merit in all the warnings against invasion of privacy. As such, even if I have to feed my need to blog, I am keeping all my personal information unwritten. I am reverting to my old technology phobic self. I can remember the first time I joined a social networking site, Friendster was still the in thing at that time and I had an intense debate with myself on whether or not it was safe to upload a profile picture on the internet. Fast forward that to about 6 years later with the onslaught of FB and it’s suddenly okay to upload entire albums.
I have learned my lesson. There won’t be any uploading of photos of people from me at this point. I’m embracing my privacy again.