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Bantayan: Welcome to an Idyllic Existence

It’s one windy morning in the Island of Negros.  An image of the beach flits through my mind.  However much I wish, I cannot do anything about the weather.  I decide to revisit Bantayan in pictures and take comfort in the solace it offers world-weary travellers.

The Bantayan Municipal Hall –

The port of Bantayan – This is what the Spaniards saw when they first visited the island.

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church –  Located at the heart of the town, just across the town plaza, the church, like most Filipino churches of this time is made of coral stones put together by a mixture of tree sap and limestone.

Finished in 1863, the church is the seat of the first and, therefore, oldest parish in Visayas and Mindanao which was founded on June 11, 1580 since the Convento de la Asuncion de Nuestra Senora was at the time, under the direct supervision of the Diocese of Manila.

The town plaza is a testament to the municipality’s commitment to eco-tourism.  Everything is green in Bantayan.  Proper waste disposal is observed, even the markets are clean.

See how the dried fish sellers have organized their wares… =)

The Omagieca Mangrove Park

Kota Park Madridejos Walkway

After a long day of walking around the beach, we spent a chillaxing in town.