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Bantayan: Welcome to an Idyllic Existence

It’s one windy morning in the Island of Negros.  An image of the beach flits through my mind.  However much I wish, I cannot do anything about the weather.  I decide to revisit Bantayan in pictures and take comfort in the solace it offers world-weary travellers.

The Bantayan Municipal Hall –

The port of Bantayan – This is what the Spaniards saw when they first visited the island.

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church –  Located at the heart of the town, just across the town plaza, the church, like most Filipino churches of this time is made of coral stones put together by a mixture of tree sap and limestone.

Finished in 1863, the church is the seat of the first and, therefore, oldest parish in Visayas and Mindanao which was founded on June 11, 1580 since the Convento de la Asuncion de Nuestra Senora was at the time, under the direct supervision of the Diocese of Manila.

The town plaza is a testament to the municipality’s commitment to eco-tourism.  Everything is green in Bantayan.  Proper waste disposal is observed, even the markets are clean.

See how the dried fish sellers have organized their wares… =)

The Omagieca Mangrove Park

Kota Park Madridejos Walkway

After a long day of walking around the beach, we spent a chillaxing in town.

Another Bridal Shower

I’m a sucker for celebrations.  Bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthdays are wonderful reasons to celebrate and I celebrate them with gusto.  Last night, I was at a high school friend’s bridal shower.  We had way too much fun chatting that the “naughty games” were forgotten.

In the spirit of giving back, I’m sharing pictures of my own bridal shower and that of my sister’s.  Since hubby and I would be getting married in Boracay, my MOH/bestfriend/sister #1 came up with a luau theme for my party.

Aloha, Mrs. Alova

We all dressed for the occasion and thanks to Sister #2 had a great time with the games.

My “Goodbye to Singlehood” cake with real shells. =)

My friends and family came home with these sweet little things. 😉

In the interest of privacy, I’m withholding some of the pictures.  I will not go into details but the surprise featuring hubby was a great hit that night.  ;D

The Burlesque Party

Six months later, my sister also had her bridal shower.  This time, we went all out and did a Burlesque theme.

Indeed, life is short.  I have decided to say yes to all celebrations.  I had a slight fever last night but I still managed to attend my friend’s wedding shower.   I’m no longer saying no to moments.  Life must be celebrated..that is the only way to live.


A Honeymoon with the Lord

Hubby and I just graduated from our Marriage Encounter Weekend. I’m tired and happily exhausted from all the eating, writing, laughing, dancing and crying we did. (I will not go so far as to spoil the surprise by revealing the details of the M.E.) In the words of hubby, it was “a blast, although of an emotional and spiritual nature”.

I was awed by the different faces of love at the M.E. Indeed, love transcends distance, age, race and even religion. Hubby and I have been changed forever. It is our hope that we will be able to live out what we learned during the M.E. We hope that with the Lord as our partner, we can make our marriage even BETTER. =)

1 Corinthians 13:13 says “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Off to the M.E.

Hubby and I are off to our M.E.  You may wonder why we’re joining when we’ve only been married for nine (9) months.  Well, we want to start right.  We’re hoping that this M.E. will show us how to keep our marriage God-centered. Thank you for this opportunity, Lord. =)


There is nothing permanent in life sans change itself.  Just this week, my family celebrated the news of my younger’s sister’s pregnancy.  A precocious new life is on his/her way.

I’ll be an aunt soon.  I think of the untold children’s stories that have been lounging in my head for some time now, waiting for the right time to rise from my imagination.  I hope that my little niece or nephew will enjoy my stories.

On the career front, changes are brewing too.  I am excited about the changes.  Everything will reveal itself it God’s time.

“To change your life: Start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions.” ― William Jones

God’s Little Miracles

On a limited budget and with two month’s preparations (but with the abundant support of friends and family), the Lord gave us the wedding of our dreams. As a bonus, he led a lovely couple who just happened to be publishers of a travel magazine, to notice us while we had our sunset photoshoot near Willy’s Rock. The result of such a joyous happenstance is this article:

Life is full of miracles. Our wedding was God’s gift to us and this article, well, this is a testament to the wonder of God’s love.