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Me, a Homemaker?

When I was younger, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always declare that I wanted to be a doctor.  Later on, heavy does of Indiana Jones movies convinced me that becoming an archaeologist was a better choice as it would mean going on exciting adventures everyday.

As fate would have it I became a lawyer.  I started out with a firm that specialized in corporate law, staying there for almost four years before I got tired of the “big city” and moved home to become a COC (an administrative job).  However, after about  2 years of passive lawyering, I realized that I missed litigation so I became a public attorney.

I’ve finally seemed to find a career that gives me the satisfaction I’ve been seeking.  I like that I have a direct hand in helping people.  I would like to think that in my small way I am making a difference.  I know though that I still have lots to learn but at least I am where I should be. =) 

Having found contentment with my career, my sights have now turned to one aspect of my personal development that I have largely ignored–homemaking.  The advent of pinterest and the rise of the homemaker bloggers has inspired a new generation of women (myself included) to realize that there is a certain joy that can be derived from creating things from scratch.  As soon as our little house is finished, I will have the opportunity to test my skills as a homemaker.  I can’t wait to make quiet books, to have DIY finishes on our house, to cook and bake.  I hope before the year ends, I would have at least one project completed among those I have pinned onto my “crafts” board over at pinterest.  

Indeed, there’s so much more we have to discover about ourselves.  Yes to life. =) 

Final Stretch

I’m 30 weeks pregnant!  I imagine him raising his arms and legs, testing them out and discovering what he else he can already do.  Some days I wake up to his little kicks and say a little prayer of thanks to the Lord.  Indeed, pregnancy really is a training for motherhood.  This little baby  depends on me for everything he needs, he eats what I eat, drinks what I drink, listens to the same songs I listen to.  It will be much of the same thing for a number of years until he’ll be able to fend for himself.

I then wonder how people can still say that there is no Creator after witnessing this marvel of life but I digress. In any case, I am writing again because I have some time on my hands.  After my Tuesday check-up, my OB told me that I was having contractions.  Baby, it seems is quite excited to see the world.  I have 7 weeks to go til he reaches full term so that I have been put on two weeks of bed rest.  To be honest about it, I welcome this respite from work.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job I really do.  Sometimes though it’s hard to stay optimistic when faced with clients who don’t seem to want to help themselves.  I’m hoping that the 2 weeks away from court will energize me, invigorate me and refresh my frustrated soul.  I pray to the Lord for guidance that I may do my job well and that in so doing I would be contributing to the greater good.  As defender of the accused, I pray that justice may be done, that the innocent be freed and the guilty punished.

As for the next twelve days, I have a lot of planning to do.  This time, I brought my printer home.  I’m giving myself til tomorrow to finish any work related tasks.  Come Saturday, I will start working on the things I have postponed since life got busy.

P.s. I worry too about my GDM (it really sucks having to have insulin twice a day and to monitor my blood sugar before/after every meal but I lift this up to the Lord.  I thank Him for a loving and supportive husband who seems to know how to assuage my fears. All things work out toward the good.  Thank you Lord.