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Thank You Father

Yesterday marked my 10th year as a member of the Bar.  Yesterday marked also, the renewal of my faith.

Yesterday, I realized that it had been 10 years since I was a regular church goer. You see, from the time I reviewed for the bar until the  bar results of 2005 came out in March of 2016, I was a daily mass goer.  I heard mass at Greenbelt chapel every day without fail.  I always felt refreshed after starting my day with the Lord.

But work for the law firm became very demanding.  Eventually, I went back home to Bacolod and then I got married and had a kid.  Mass was relegated to Wednesdays, First Fridays , holidays of obligation and Sundays.

Then Mommy was diagnosed with the big C and I saw her faith move mountains.  Instead of us comforting her, she comforted us.  She found strength in our Lord’s faithfulness, never wavering in her belief that His plans were for the best.  I saw her go through it all ,  chemo, radio-therapy, operations, PET scans and labs, and what I saw filled me with admiration.  This, I thought to myself is what grace is..accepting and surrendering everything to the Lord and letting Him do His work though you.

My mom is still as busy as ever, you wouldn’t know by looking at her what she has gone through.  She is still the light of our home, reminding us always to look upon the Lord for all our hopes and needs.

As for me, I am awed by the Lord’s wisdom.  With my new appointment, he gave me something I did not think I needed, sometime I did not even know I wanted.  Indeed,  His plans are far better than our own.  I remember our family doing a BLD Family Encounter and this verse from a song struck me even then, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

On the occasion of my 10th year as a lawyer, I renew my commitment to serve thee Lord.  I love you Lord. Thank you very much.




A Reckoning

I did my best but at I don’t think it was enough.  This is the real deal now.  I cannot anymore get off as easily as I did.  I thank you Lord for this challenge.  All life is about changing, learning, improving.  If I refused to change then I would just be subsisting and not really living.  I refuse to become a white elephant.  With Your grace and wisdom dear Lord, I know I will be better.  Guide me and bless me as I start this path.  Help me that my indecision and procrastination will not get in the way.

I love you dear Father.  Thank you for a good life.  Amen.